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Glossary of Grip & Gaffer Terms

Apple Box

An Apple Box is a wooden box used to raise furniture or actors (ie make a shorter actor taller). To allow flexibility in the degree of elevation, apple boxes are available as full (8" high), half (4" high), quarter (2" high) and eighth (1" high) sizes.

Art Director

Designs and oversees the construction of the sets, managing the set designers, graphic artists and illustrators.

Assistant Director

Assists the director in planning the timeline and overseeing the day-to-day management of cast and crew.


Baby refers to light fixtures in the 750 - 1000w range manufactured with a 5/8" female receiver for attaching to mounting hardware.

Baby PlateBaby Plate

Baby Plates are used for mounting light fixtures that have a Baby (5/8") receiver to a flat surface (ie wall or floor).

Bar Clamp

Bar Clamps (aka Furniture Clamps) are used to span between larger objects in order to facilitate mounting a small light fixture with a Bar Clamp Adapter.

Best Person (formerly known as Best Boy)

Gaffers and Key Grips each may utilize a Best Person, who serves as second in command for their department, coordinating personnel and equipment.

Big Ben ClampBig Ben

A Big Ben is cheeseboro clamp with a 1-1/8" pin attached. It can serve a variety of purposes including using it with pipe to create a temporary overhead grid.


Blondes are 2000-Watt open-faced light fixtures typically of Italian manufacture, formerly sold by Strand Lighting.

Boom Operator

Holds/operates the microphone boom.

Butterfly Frame

A Butterfly Frame is a large aluminum frame made to hold various fabrics for controlling light, usually outdoors.

C Stands

C Stands are used to hold a variety of reflectors, gobos, etc. using a unique leg design that allows for nesting several stands within a very small space.

Chain Vice GripChain Vice Grip

A Chain Vice Grip may be used on any size pipe up to 6" in diameter to facilitate the hanging of any fixture using a Baby (5/8") receiver.

Craft Service

Catering service provided on set or location.


A Cucoloris is used to project a shadow pattern. Also referred to as cookies, they include hard cookies, made from plywood or poster board with random shapes cut out; soft cookies, made from plastic impregnated screen with random shapes cut out; and natural cookies, which include tree limbs or other objects that can be placed between the light and the subject.


Cutters are large or odd shaped flags used to "cut" the light off certain areas of the set. Sizes larger than 30" x 36" as well as odd shaped ones such as 12" x 42" or 18" x 48" are considered cutters.


The raw, unedited footage of the daily shoots.


A small round scrim, net or solid for controlling light in tight situations such as a table top.


Duvetyne is a black, cotton fabric used to make Flags, Cutters, Butterflies as well as to mask off objects or areas or reduce reflected light.

Executive Producer

Typically a major investor on the production.

First Assistant Camera (1st AC/Focus Puller)

Responsible for adjusting the camera focus during shooting.


A Duvetyne-covered rectangular frame with a mounting pin used to create shadow areas on the set.

Flex Arm

A Flex Arm has several lockable ball joints for mounting Dots, Fingers or Scrims, and facilitating precise adjustment/placement.


Head of the electrical department responsible for designing and executing the lighting design.


Grips are responsible for rigging cameras, the operation of cranes and dollies, erecting sets and non-electrical lighting control with the use of butterflies, cutters and cookies, etc.

Grip Head

A Grip Head mounts on top of a stand to attach Flags, Cutters, etc.

Hi Hi Roller Stand

With a wide base, the Hi Hi provides stability when supporting Butterflies or Overheads on location at heights up to 20'.


Junior refers to 2K light fixtures. A Junior typically includes a 1-1/8" pin and gets mounted into a female receiver on a stand. This is the opposite of the Baby mounting system for safety purposes.

Junior Plate

Junior Plates are used for mounting light fixtures that have a Junior pin (1-1/8") to a flat surface (ie wall or floor).

Key Grip

Head grip in charge of setting up equipment - including cranes, dollies and platforms - to facilitate the camera crew's shot.

Key Light

The main or primary light source used in a scene.

Line Producer

Manages the budget for a film project.

Location Manager

Scouts locations and obtains the necessary permits for filming in those locations.

Mafer Clamp

With a padded grip surface and a unique design combining one flat and one v-notched jaw, Mafer Clamps are used to attach fixtures and equipment to a variety of irregular surfaces including furniture.

Offset Arm

An Offset arm allows a stand-mounted lighting fixture to be extended off center over a wall or other object. They are available with "baby" (5/8" pin) or "junior" (1-1/8" Receiver) fittings.


Manages the business end of a film project, from finances to hiring personnel.

Production Assistant

Handles miscellaneous tasks and errands necessary for the daily operation on set or location.

Production Coordinator

Manages logistics from hiring/scheduling crew to renting equipment.

Production Designer

The creative director on the production responsible for designing the "look" of the film including settings, costumes and makeup.

Production Manager

Supervises the physical aspects of the production, responsible for keeping filming on schedule and within budget.


Redheads are 1000-Watt open-faced light fixtures (see Blonde above).


Sandbags in various weights (typically 25 & 35 lbs.) are used to secure stands and equipment around the set. Sandbags used in film and video production are specifically made for this purpose and include a handle for ease of movement as well as a "built in" fold which makes it easier to get them to drape over uneven objects such as the legs, or feet of various equipment stands.

Second Assistant Camera

Operates the clapperboard at the beginning of takes. Oversees the organization of camera equipment and transport from location to location.

Set Decorator

In charge of decorating the film set including the furnishings and anything else that will be seen in the film.

Special Effects Supervisor

Manages the special effects crew, responsible for moving set elements.


A Side Arm can be clamped anywhere on a stand riser allowing a light or light control devise to be placed anywhere between the top and bottom of a stand. They are available with "baby" or "junior" fittings. When using a sidearm, the stand should be adequately weighted (sandbagged) on the opposite leg to prevent tipping.

Sound Blanket

A sound blanket is used as added sound insulation or to dampen the sound in a space with otherwise hard surfaces, or it may even be used to block light through a window or door.

Triple Header BabyTriple Header Baby

Headers allow several light fixtures to be mounted in a small floor space. Headers are mounted on a light stand allowing up to five light fixtures to be hung on a single stand. With "Baby" (5/8") pins.

Triple Header Junior

Same as above, except with "Junior" (1 1/8") receivers.

Vice Grip with Baby PinVice Grip

A Vice Grip - similar in appearance to traditional vice grip tools found in hardware stores - provides maximum gripping power either flat or round surfaces with small diameters for fixtures with "Baby" (5/8") receivers.

Wall SpreaderWall Spreader

Available for use with either 2x4 or 2x6 lumber, a Wall Spreader is actually two pieces of hardware. One piece is essentially a padded plate which attaches to one end of the board, while the other is telescoping piece attached to the other end which allows for adjustment to firmly span a vertical or horizontal opening.


Term used to indicate the end of the day's shoot or the project's completion.

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